Ruck Sacks

Since the last post, I've been focused on players inventory and how items work withing the game. This has been split between UX, UI and the interface interactions - getting it to work on keyboard and game pad. I'd like the player to be able to pick up objects, use them or drop them to manage their inventory's. 

Above - Version 1 of the inventory stub out in grey box.

I've also been working along the lines that if the player needs to use a certain item (e.g. a passkey) the item will not be automatically used but instead the player will need to open their inventory and choose what object to use.

Above - Version 2 stream lining and laying out the UI.

A stretch goal will be that using a different item may have very different / unexpected results. From a game design point of view this will add complexity as the outcomes will need to be tracked and created - but lets see.

Above - Version 3 adds a focus vignette and other ui elements to help make connection between objects and current scenery.

Version 3 screen shot also shows how a mapping system will track the players progress, especially important in this game as you will be moving room by room.

That's all for now, thanks for reading :D

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I love the minimalist look of the inventory ! It seems non intrusive and feels very versatile for handling multiple objects. Do you plan to have a limit of objects you can store in the inventory?

Thanks, yes having a hard limit / low limit will add to inventory management. Something I'm keen to explore. I'm playing with 5 items at the moment.