Patch Update 0.2.0 - Inventory

Hi all

First patch has been made live. If you're using the desktop app it will update your build, if you've downloaded the game as a zip you will need to redownload the file to update to this new version.

Some highlights from this 0.2 release are:

- Updated UI SFX
- Updated inventory UI and layout
- Removed long descriptions from items in favour of titles
- Added new section to hold the map
- Added new Crew details
- Added new Journal collections through out the chapter
- Added security turrets in the catacombs
- Fixed some bugs
- Improved performance in certain rooms

As always, do let me know if you have any feedback!
Thanks for playing

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Version 2 Jan 15, 2021

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hi Jon, just finished playing the latest patch and have been thoroughly enjoying - the improvements to the  UI in the inventory are great,  the journal entries have made a big difference too I think, starting to build the world and set the tone.

That's great to hear and glad you've been enjoying the update. Thank you so much for giving it a play and feedback.

no problem! Really love the feel of the game so far, I was actually hoping to drop you an e-mail if you had a contact address?