Locations and progress

It's been a while since the last update, but just to say I'm still chipping away at getting the release ready and this first chapter done. My main focus has been to get the game play loop as tight as possible and add story narrative. In the process it's meant some redesign work of rooms and general puzzles which will hopefully make for a tighter experience. 

Other updates include building a music engine that will adapt to rooms and environments. Super excited about this as it was quite a simple solution to build in the end using a texture and 'painting' areas of sound. 

Lots more bug fixes and refinements have happened but for now here's four more fresh screenshots - mainly from the Catacombs.

Feel free to send any feedback either here or on twitter, would love to hear if this is looking like something you'd be interested in playing. It's funny working in a bubble and occasionally popping my head up with these updates.
That's all for now, and thanks for reading.

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I do love the dark overtones and the feel of the Catacombs so far, it's a very cool combination of mechanical and nature elements that are just calling out to be explored. The 'music engine' seems like an amazing feature, giving each room a special and personal touch. I just can't wait to try it! Best of luck!