Chasing performance

A brief update on how things are progressing

I'm starting to edge towards a final sprint. I need to replace the holding voice over with something other than my own voice ;) and sort out some bugs. One aspect of the build that began to really trouble me was the frame-rate.  The game started out as an experiment in Unity's HDRP, over a year ago, and its seen a fair few updates in that time as the HDRP framework made it's way out of beta and into a full release.  As the game has developed along with this render pipeline, I started to see frame rate dip ... in some places hitting 28fps on a desktop PC running a 1070 gfx card. 

Troubled with this, I bit the bullet and spent a good amount of time reading up on refining the pipeline and a few weeks ago, one Saturday afternoon that magical performance boost came out of no-where after tweaking some settings under the bonnet and discovering I had two global post processing volumes (although I don't think this really effected it too much) I'm now glad to say the game regularly hit's 70 - 80 fps which is a massive performance gain. Phewieeee! 

I also discovered that you can render gizmo's at runtime in the game view - this may have been a feature that's been around for ages, but it's great for debugging. There's also been some more refinements on the UI - moving the input prompts to a set location out the way of the action. This has worked out well as it's meant I've standardised inputs.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.

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