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Late to the party, but I remember the original game had some pretty cool music that is not included in this new version. Otherwise this game has done nothing but improve over time!

A sci-fi ancient mythology god-sim with a story about vengeance? Why absolutely I will!

Hello, I just bought the game and it says it needs to be updated so that I can play it on my mac. I have the newest mac update. Thank you 


Hi Rohanmoola,

Sorry to hear you're having issues getting it to run. The Mac version of Reprisal Universe is a 32bit application and with recent changes latest versions of the Mac OS require 64bit applications. 

Sadly due to the legacy software used to make Reprisal Universe I've currently been unable to successfully make a 64bit version. 

Either you or I can contact itch to see if they can issue you a refund as there doesn't seem to be the tools to do so in the developer's control panel.

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Is there any chance I can get a steam key as well if I buy this game on


Hi, currently it doesn't have steam keys attached ... but looking into it, it's simple to do. 
I've requested keys from Steam and when they send them I'll add the feature to the Reprisal Universe settings. 

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Thanks for your reply. I'm asking because I am planning to take your bundle but does not allow us to pay less than USD1 for any game. As your bundle is USD0.63,  I was wondering if we could have both the Itch and Steam version of the game if we pay  USD1. Cheers!


Hi, Keys should now be available with the game.

Any chance of getting this compatible with OSX 10.5?

Hi, sorry to hear its not working on that OS version. Its doubtful I'll be able to make it work as it's a 32bit application and I know Apple have deprecated support. 

I'll have a hunt around to see if there is anything that can be done and if its easy I'll roll it out. :D

Many thanks @electrolyte :)

I appreciate that it might not be worth the effort to continue support for an old game. I did just buy a license through itch to support a touch of nostalgia.

Hi, its proving more challenging that I thought, the PC the build was made on needs resurrecting. I'm going to keep looking into it but I'll have to fit it in around other things. Sorry it's taking a while!

No worries, It's amazing that you're making the efforts :)